What is Blackjack Variant Games

What is Blackjack Variant Games

You can play blackjack in different ways. Of course there are various options at an online casino itself, such as playing blackjack classic and playing live blackjack, but that is not all. There are extra rules to make the blackjack variant games more exciting, or a little easier for novice players. 

Not every online casino has all variants of blackjack available, but at least these variants can all be found online. Some variants also include the house edge. It is useful to know what your winning chances are.

Blackjack Variant Games Best Offer

Here are some blackjack variant games you can try.

1. Blackjack Double Exposure

Blackjack Double Exposure is a well-known and profitable variant of blackjack. The difference with the original game is that in Blackjack Double Exposure you are shown both of the dealer’s cards from the start of the game. 

That way you can match your own cards much better and you can in principle have a better chance of achieving blackjack. House edge Blackjack Double Exposure, supplier NetEnt 0.67%.

2. Blackjack 5 Hand

5 hand is one of the blackjack variant games you have to deal with the same rules as classic blackjack. Only you now play with 5 hands at the same time. This is certainly challenging and not always suitable for novice players. You have a greater chance of getting a high profit amount with this. House edge Blackjack Multihand, supplier Play ‘N Go 0.46%

Blackjack Variants Game : Multiplayer Blackjack

In most versions of blackjack variant games you play against the computer or against a live croupier, for example you play against the house. Multiplayer Blackjack you can play together with your friends and/or other players against the house. Usually there is a maximum number of players of 5 allowed and you can talk to everyone via a chat function. 

This way you make blackjack a very social affair. Another important difference with the regular blackjack game is that in Multiplayer Blackjack you only win if you are the best player at the table. The player who has won the most after x number of rounds wins.

What is Progressive Blackjack

In Progressive Blackjack there is a jackpot which is linked to the game. You can then have an extra chance of winning this jackpot by making side bets. Since this is a progressive jackpot, the total amount consists of the bets from different games. You can imagine that the jackpot will be very high. 

What is Blackjack Surrender

You can find Blackjack Surrender in some online casinos. In this game you’re in the right place if you’re on the losing side. Do you have a really bad hand? Then you can choose to surrender, or surrender, where that is not possible with classic blackjack. That way you can save yourself some of your loss.

What is Blackjack Switch

This version of blackjack variant games are probably combine with the highest payouts and the best winning odds. This is because you are playing with two hands at the same time and the cards can be swapped between the two hands. 

What is Caribbean 21 Blackjack

This challenging variant of blackjack turns all aces into a hard ace, which means that the ace is never worth 11 points, but always only 1 point. Because of this you will need an ace and two cards with the value of 10 to play blackjack. The game is therefore a bit more difficult, but also a lot more exciting.

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