How to Change Your Mobile Number on Higgs Domino Island

How to Change Your Mobile Number on Higgs Domino Island

Mobile Number on Higgs Domino – As you know, Higgs Dominoes is a popular game that was developed by the children of the nation. However, there are still many players who don’t know how to change their HP number in Higgs Dominoes. The game with the full title Higgs Domino Island is a card game with a regional flair that is already known and has even been downloaded by more than 10 million users. Very exciting, fun game and one of the best games to play during a pandemic like this one that requires home quarantine. To register judi qq for a Higgs Domino Island gaming account, you must be connected to your email and mobile phone number.

However, if you are not careful, it can be an opportunity for hackers or hackers to steal your personal information that can be misused. Hence, as a Higgs Domino player, you need to know how to change HP number in Higgs Domino. Hence, in this article, the Brainy administrator shares a tutorial on changing cell phone number on Higgs Dominoes.

There are two ways that the administrator shares, the first is to change the mobile number in Higgs Domino with the help of Customer Service (CS) and the second is to change the mobile number in the Higgs Domino Islam game which is connected with the price function. How to Change the Cell Phone Number on Higgs Dominos Using the CS Function This method uses the Customer Service (CS) function to help you change the mobile number on Higgs Domino Island account.

How to Change Your Mobile Number on Higgs Domino Island Through Customer Service

1. Prepare a screenshot of the profile details & rewards menu First step

They will take a screenshot of your profile details and also a screenshot of the section of the prize menu which will show your mobile number as follows.

2. Open the service menu

In the next step, select the service menu, you will be redirected to the online CS page. Wait for our advice line or click directly on “Leave a message”.

3. Fill in the advice column in the advice column

Fill it in with our problem, which is to change the mobile number in our Higgs Domino account. Also select the type of response from the CS server and also enter our mobile phone number which is linked to the Higgs Domino account.

4. Upload the screenshot file

After you have filled in the advice column, click Upload photo in the File upload section and enter the screenshot file and the screenshot of the profile data from the previously prepared price menu.

5. Send message to CS

In the next step, after you have filled in the fields and uploaded the file, all you have to do is click Submit and click Define in the pop-up window that appears. 6. CS Confirmation The next thing you need to do is wait for confirmation from Higgs Domino Customer Service. When there is confirmation, simply follow CS’s steps to change the mobile number at Higgs Domino. / Dy

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