Jordan Henderson Will Be at Liverpool for 15 Years

Jordan Henderson Will Be at Liverpool for 15 Years

Liverpool’s captain, Jordan Henderson has renewed a four-year contract in Liverpool. It means, he will stay in this club until 2025. It means he will spend fifteen years in this club. 

This 31-year-old player has succeeded in making almost four hundred appearances for The Reds. Henderson joined Liverpool after leaving Sunderland in 2011. But, he was inaugurated as the captain after four years of playing.

During his years with Liverpool, he has managed to win three prestigious competitions. They are Premier League, League Cup, and Champions League. Many fans expected that he would extend his career here and they finally got what they had expected.

Go Along Well with Senior Players

This midfielder can go along well with other senior players such as Andrew Robertson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho, Alisson, and Virgil van Dijk.  Henderson mentioned that he was proud and thankful because the club still extends his existence.  As stated on Liverpool’s website, he mentioned his thankfulness of having a chance to play in this club for the next four years.

Henderson finds out that this club is such an amazing one as he can go along well with other players. ‘I will try better and concentrate more on the next matches,” he said at the official website after he signed the contract. “I have spent years here and I have learned a lot.” He kept saying that he loves every minute he has spent in the club, through good and bad times.

Being a Part Of This Club For More Than A Decade

Jordan Henderson Will Be at Liverpool for 15 Years

There are only rare players who have the chance of playing for decades in the same club. This is what Henderson experiences. His role as a captain means that the manager, Jürgen Klopp has put his trust in him. 

Henderson also mentioned that he is still as hungry as he felt a decade ago, at the first time he stepped foot at Anfield. He said his journey at Liverpool is the main evidence of his strong dedication to this club. Besides celebrating his existence for a decade here, he also recalled all the achievements during this time in the club.

The achievement includes the FWA Footballer of the Year 2019-20. But, he feels like he needs to gain more achievement because he knows that there will be bigger challenges.

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Solid Players for a Long Time

Among other soccer clubs, particularly Premier League, Liverpool may be the club that hasn’t been too busy in trying to hire players, nor sell players. There are some other players that remain in the club until they reach their final contract. So far, players of the Reds are known to be very solid and they also perform their best. Until the third match of the Premier League season 2021 – 2022, Liverpool sits in the fifth rank.

Definitely, all players will expect to make lots of improvements this season. Last season, the club ended in third place. The last time it won the Premier League was in 2019 – 2020.

Source: Unogoal