3 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal

3 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal

Countries where gambling is illegal- Countries have been banning gambling since years and years ago. But one factor that made countries do it is because of its values. Each country have different beliefs, values as well as motivation to do so.

Take for example Muslim centered countries. It is taught in the Muslim religion that gambling is a sin. That is why all Muslim countries across the globe has banned.

We are going to discuss 3 countries here gambling is illegal and why. There are so many reasons why gambling is illegal in the first place. So stick with us a learn more about why gambling is illegal.


The first country that has banned gambling for a very very long time is Indonesia. Indonesia does not want to have its people gambling ever. Not even for tourists unlike Malaysia and Singapore.

Countries Where Gambling is Illegal

Indonesia has a majority of Muslim citizens. On top of that, this country also has the largest Muslim population in the world. 

Not only the country, the people’s values are actually against gambling. Not many people are interested to waste their money on casinos. Maybe a minor amount of people would still gamble.

But they would do it in other countries instead of their own. Indonesia has always been strict with gambling regulations as well as alcohol. That is why they have banned and made their own country one of the countries where gambling is illegal. Even though gambling is prohibited, in fact you can still play at judi slot online terpercaya.

Saudi Arabia

Who does not know Saudi Arabia. This country is a very famous country and is rich with its resources. Saudi Arabia is also known for its Muslim population. This country is a very conservative country.

That means it follows the Syariah Law. The Syariah Law in itself stated that gambling is never allowed and it is banned. As a result, Saudi Arabia also followed the ban and they have actually never made gambling illegal.


Another country that has a ban on gambling is Malaysia. This country has a more unique policy than most countries. This is because Malaysia themselves only puts the ban on its own people. Especially If they have a Malaysian ID and they are Muslim.

This is a strict regulation also applied by the country of Singapore. They are however still open to strict legal gambling laws. These types of services are only given to tourists. So that they can still enjoy games without harming their own economy.

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Why Are Gambling Illegal?

Countries where gambling is illegal does want to protect their own citizen. They do not want to corrupt their own people by taxing them from casinos. Casinos is a huge money maker especially in the field of taxes.

If a country expand its gambling laws to everyone, then they also put the risk of their own economy. A country run by gambling addicts could result in corruption, economic depression, and so much more. That is all about countries where gambling is illegal for today. / Aha