Cai Bling Slot Review: Bet and Bonuses (RTG)

Cai Bling Slot Review

We are pretty sure, you will be interested with this Cai Bling slot review. This game is a brand-new offering from RTG, with a wealth-themed design that is clearly influenced by Chinese culture. 

However, given that it features more diamonds and gold than many of the other slots in this category, it doesn’t exactly have the typical Eastern appearance. Otherwise, it’s a common option both in terms of the concept and the assortment of people and precious metals that are depicted everywhere.

A Brief of Cai Bling Slot Review

Cai Bling features 243 ways to win on its 5×3 reels, and if you can use them to your advantage, you may earn up to 50,000 times your initial wager (line bet). The key features that were included were wilds that appear frequently and multiply, scatters, and free spins.

1. Wagering Options

You will need to use any amount from $0.80 and $88, so it appears that you can use up to 88 coins there, and in return, you will receive 243 ways to win. The quantity of coins needed depends on how many golden symbols are chosen from the left side (8 to 88 available).

The 50,000x payout that RTG mentions above appears to be linked to the line bet rather than the total stake, despite the fact that RTG makes it difficult to determine how much you can win in their games. Then again, it’s not even close to being as interesting as it first appears to be.

Another thing to note is that there were four progressive jackpots. The Grand Jackpot is the best option, while the Major, Minor, and Mini Jackpots are less desirable substitutes.

2. Game Features

The Multiplying Wild is an exception, however a Green Dragon Wild will occasionally appear on the reels 2, 3, or 4. From there, it can be used to replace the majority of other symbols.

Multiplying Wild

The Multiplying Wild, which is only available on the third reel, will play a significantly larger role. Based on the scale of stake you choose, it will deliver a multiplier of up to 5x (8 to 88 coins used).

The Scatter symbol is next, denoted by a logo and displaying yet another picture of a cat. The symbol awards you a payout (50x the bet) and initiates the free spins when it appears 3, 4, or 5 times, but only on successive reels and from left to right. 

There is nothing scatter-like about this symbol because all other symbols combine in the same way, using symbols on consecutive reels in a way to win system. Then, with the opportunity to retrigger them in the same way, you are awarded 12 free spins.

The usage of standard and golden symbols is another crucial aspect worth mentioning. On the left side of the special column, they are listed. You click on them to make them golden, but doing so also increases the wager. You can have 1 to 5 golden symbols, and as a result, the bets can be from 8 and 88 coins.

Progressive Jackpots

If you decide to open the golden versions of the top symbols, you can obtain progressive jackpots, larger multiplying wilds, and much better benefits.

The progressive jackpots have their own extra feature that they use to activate. You must have a wild symbol land in order to win them, and if it’s the only one, you win one of the jackpots. 

A picking bonus game is used in the event that there are numerous wilds. You might or might not have access to a progressive jackpot, based on the bet and the number of available golden symbols.

3. Theme and Design

With a focus on luxury and a lot of gold and jewelry shown on its reels, the game you are viewing is fairly typical of those with a Chinese theme. If we judge the game by its surroundings, the emphasis on bling and gold may even be more prominent than in other games of a similar nature. 

High pay icons provide us a gold ingot and four characters, while regular symbols display Royals that are set with gems. Golden versions of the premium symbols are also available. 

We don’t particularly like the amount of shiny gemstones that they added everywhere, yet the design does appear nice, cartoonish, and attractive in certain places.

Final Words

If you enjoy the genre and want to play a classic Asian-style casino game, this slot machine looks good. We dislike their scatter symbols and the restrictions placed on them, as well as the way they advertise jackpots of 50,000x only to find out that this is based on the line bet rather than the whole wager. Well, those are X33 thoughts on Cai Bling slot review

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