Before the Storm


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Tidal Affair – Before The Storm is a stealth isometric game with flavors of action and strategy.

Enter a race between two affiliates stealing supplies of what’s become a necessity for survival from a threat that hovers the skies. Before The Storm takes you to the world of Alter Tides through the shoe of thieves in their attempts to intercept what’s arguably the most valuable possession to the people.

Join Manisha and her partner Lash in their adventures as they explore new territories to plunder from a rival organization. Sneak your way and blindside unsuspecting Rebels to gain the upper hand, take control of the opposing force to turn the tables and escape sticky situations, and avoid the treacherous traps of the deceptively lush jungles of St. Charlotte.

Before The Storm

  • Platforms: Steam (PC/Mac)
  • Initial Release: November 24, 2015
  • Genre: Stealth, Action, Adventure


  • A fresh, new approach to the stealth action genre
  • Single-player gameplay featuring 15 Chapters
  • Painted isometric design with interactive environments
  • Story-driven cinematics with voice-acting
  • Dominate enemy rebels to do your bidding and turn the tides
  • 6 total Patch powerups with unique combinations to bolster your powers
  • Tactical combat strategy that will test your survival skills
  • Composed soundtrack to immerse you in the world of Tidal Affair