Different Kinds of Dampfer

Over the preceding years, vaping has got so much popularity among the users and the product has passed through different innovations and upgradings. Among different flavors and tastes, there is also a variety of dampfer. Here we will discuss the various types of this E-Product. Dampfer’s shape and size is also one of the most important factors to consider before picking the one. let s discuss a few of the types!


The Disposable One Piece

These mini dampfers are easily available and every user is familiar to it. This device can be easily dismissed after the use and it looks like a tobacco cigarette. This lightweight device is cheap and can be ideal for most of the vapors.

The Rechargeable

This rechargeable device can be the choice for the people who just moved from tobacco cigarettes to E-cigarette. This product comes with rechargeable battery and a cartomizer.


The Vape Pod

One of the latest devices in the market and has gotten a lot of success after the Jul pod. And now a big range of vape pod is available in the market by different companies. These kinds of dampfers are getting great popularity among the new turners.


The Vape Pen

The conventional pen device has three major parts including a rechargeable battery (also a fire button on the side), a tank to fill e-liquid in and a detachable atomizer. This mid-sized vaping device is mid expensive and has many advantages over simpler and disposable e-cigarette.


The Box Mods

If you want to meet a few more enjoyments and better vaping experience then Box Mod can be the choice. This customized product is also known as APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer). This device is available in different sizes and shapes and consists of the strongest removable battery.


Squonk Mods

Its an updated version of Box Mod with Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. It gives you the best vaping experience with freshest flavors. The Squonk Box is a box mod having a rubber bottle on a side and through which coils get the continuous dripping of juice.

The market does not present the variety of Squonk box but the manufacturers are working on it to bring the new such products with the fine features.

These are a few kinds of Dampfer prevailing in this era and getting hype with time. Here are a lot more with unique qualities and features. These large numbers of dampfer have attractive shapes and sizes to compete in the market.

Here is the suggestion for your health concern. If you are a new turner from traditional tobacco cigarettes to E-Cigarette and have planned to get rid of nicotine then a simple E-Cig can be the best alternative for this purpose.

If someone wishes to experience vaping for the long-term then a preferable device will be the Vape Pen or Box Mod. And the one with the customized needs can go for the advanced Box Mod. An E-cigarette is the most popular device among the users and one with the Organic needs can use dry herb vaporizer for sure.

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